Is Your Retirement a Fantasy?

Millions of people play fantasy sports.  What started out as a pastime for statistics geeks has blossomed into a mainstream industry.  There are fantasy leagues for every concievable sport: NFL footbal, Major League baseball, Barclays Premier League Soccer, NASCAR, NBA basketball, golf… and the list continues to grow.

It’s interesting to hear my friends (male and female) discussing the performance of their players and what strategic plans they would make to be more competitive.  “What if I had drafted this receiver instead?  Who knew that running back would do so well?  Maybe if I make this trade I’ll do better”  They spend hours reading injury reports and keeping up with who is in form.

Most people do not put this much thought and passion into planning for their retirement. Unfortunately, for millions of Americans, their ability to retire is a fantasy, but it doesn’t have to be.  Drafting a Certified Financial Planner as your financial quarterback is an important step in achiveing their retirement goals.  He or she can design an asset allocation that is right for your circumstances.  For folks that are already retired they must then focus on their spend-down rate.  For pre-retirees, their focus should be saving as much as they can as tax-efficiently as possible.  Our financial future deserves as least as much attention as our fantasy teams.  Visit the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors to learn more about the choosing an advisor that suits your circumstances.


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