Overcoming the Dignity Deficit

There are countless thousands of blogs on financial matters.  Most of them are just noise and trash.  I’m not interested in contributing to that.

There are numerous financial gurus.  I am a Certified Financial Planner (R) and I manage money for retired families.  I’m passionate about the people that entrust their financial futures to me  but I am not passionate about writing on financial topics.  I’m a big fan of Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey.  They’re doing an awesome job educating the general populace about good decision making and general, nonspecific issues pertaining to financial planning.  I’ll leave that to them.

What we are lacking is an honest discussion about human dignity and the issues and thinking that ennoble and destroy it.  Living with dignity and respecting the dignity of others are enormously practical and the fruits of this lead to functional families and societies.  I’m going to explore the affronts to dignity and the positive steps that can be taken to rectify them.  This sounds like serious business, and it is, but we’re also going to have a lot of fun with it.  My goal is that readers will come away encouraged and energized with practical steps that can be applied to improve themselves, their families and society.   One of the greatest tragedies is that we fail to recognize our own dignity and the attitudes and behavior that undermines it or strengthens it.  This is a critical step in cultivating the virtue of hope.  And hope is one of the most beautiful expressions of the human condition.


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  1. Tom Horst

    Eager to read your thoughts, Todd. Can’t wait.

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