The Wealthy Barber

Today I had my hair cut by an awesome lady at Great Clips.  She recently moved to Atlanta from New York and she has a heck of a story.  She did all the talking and I did all the listening (and admiring). She is a middle-aged single, black woman.  She raised four children by herself.  When I sat down in the chair, the first thing she said to me was, “One of my neighbors got evicted yesterday, and my other neighbor was foreclosed on.”  I told her I was sorry to hear that. “Yes” she said, “it makes me sad.”  I agreed.  Then she launched into her story:

“I can’t believe how many people live beyond their means.  I save half of what I make and live on the other half.  I don’t have a cell phone and I’ve driven the same car for ten years.  If I don’t have a coupon, I don’t buy anything. You don’t have to live like a hobo or nothing but you’ve got to think about how you spend your money.  All my friends ask to borrow money from me because they know I have it.  I tell them, ‘if you didn’t pay $100 per month for your cell phone, you’d have money, too.  Put that money in the bank’.  It’s crazy that I see people waiting at a bus stop talking on their cell phones.  If they didn’t spend money on those phones, or beer, or cigarettes, they could have a car, even an old beat up one. Did you know that you can be a millionaire in ten years?  I know five people in my family that have done it.  I’ve only been working on it for five years because I raised four children by myself.  But now that they are all grown, I can save half of what I make.  In another five years, I’ll be a millionaire.  I’m teaching my oldest daughter about it, too.”

She is a remarkable woman, and it was one of the most enjoyable haircuts I’ve ever had!




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